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Hit send with confidence ✅

Find out how to create emails which get more of your supporters to take incredible action for your charity or non-profit.

Only £459.

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Your supporters won't engage with you if your call-to-action is buried at the bottom of an email ❌

Is this you?

👀 You work for a small charity and you already send some emails to your supporters

👀 You're not sure if your emails are resonating

👀 You don't have the time or money to develop a new strategy, but you want advice to improve your emails

👀 You don't know how your emails compare to others in the charity sector, and if yours are performing well

Imagine this...

👍🏽 You feel more confident about writing and sending your emails


🙌 You get more supporters reading, donating, fundraising - or taking another action 

⚡️Your emails set you apart from your competitors

📈 You increase traffic to your website

🎉 You receive more praise and recognition from your colleagues!

Introducing your Charity Email Impact Audit 

Get a one hour consultation to improve your emails + personalised tips and advice + discover how you compare to other charities + ask me anything

How it works:


1. Book your one hour consultation with me. 

Reach out to me using this form and I'll respond to you within two working days. We'll arrange a day and time to speak. You can choose if your consultation is via phone or video call!

2. During the consultation, you'll share what you want from your emails and any blocks or worries you are experiencing. 


You'll be asked questions as a prompt but will be able to talk freely about your email messages, your audiences and any segmentation (if applicable). What do you want from your email subscribers - more donations? More of your subscribers fundraising? Or accessing your support, signing your petition, reading your case studies or your blog?

3. After the consultation, get personalised tips and advice for sector-leading emails.

You can send me any five emails you are currently drafting and/or have previously sent. I will feed back to help you get more supporters reading your emails and taking action for your charity.

4. Find out exactly how your emails compare to other charities. Discover how you can build and write emails which get great engagement.


Receive your tips and advice for you or your colleagues to confidently take forward. You'll get this in a PDF file.

5. Ask me anything. 


Your opportunity to share any questions via email or during a 30 minute follow-up call.

Only £459. 

Always VAT exempt. 

No more than two hours of your time is needed. 

Two weeks lead time!

What charity folk like you say...


Hello, I'm Laura 👋 

I've written 100+ charity and non-profit emails which have driven 100,000+ supporters to take action for incredible causes.

I specialise in showing you how to craft impactful emails too, which get you more supporters, donations and fundraisers.


Q: Can you really help us to get more donations through our emails?

Yes! If you follow the advice, you're in with a really strong chance of boosting the number of supporters not only opening and reading your emails, but also taking action for your incredible cause.

Q: Can you help us increase our open and click through rates?

Absolutely. I'll also show you how your emails compare to others in the sector, how you're performing alongside them, and some easy steps to boost your open and click rates!

Q: When and where does the Impact Audit take place?

The average lead time is two weeks from your consultation to receiving your feedback and action plan.


Your one hour consultation can take place via video call or phonecall. You're welcome to have your ask me anything follow-up via email, or through a 30 minute video call or phonecall.

Q: Can I bring a colleague to the consultation or follow-up?

Absolutely, you're welcome to invite up to two of your colleagues to join us!

Q: Will you be able to audit all of our charity's emails?
I will explore five of your emails in-depth, whether these emails have already been sent to your supporters or are currently being drafted.


Looking at this selection of your emails is enough to give me a strong feel for what's going on and show you how you can improve your engagement.

Q: Do I implement the recommendations in your audit? Or will you?
The Impact Audit is for you or your colleagues to take forward. However, if you need help with writing charity emails, my Impact Accelerator or Impact VIP package may be more suited to you.


Yes, I want to feel more confident about my emails and get more supporters reading and taking action. Let's book the Impact Audit.

Thanks for submitting!

I'll get back to you within two working days.

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