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Case study

Name of charity

Ovarian Cancer Action


National charity - UK


Direct mail appeal, 2023

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The communications team at Ovarian Cancer Action approached me to write a direct mail fundraising appeal to be delivered via post to an audience of their previous donors (lower, mid and higher value) as well as current supporters of the charity.

They wanted to show what they, as the leading ovarian cancer research charity, have achieved over the last year for women with ovarian cancer and their vision for the future, with an aim of attracting more donations.

They needed this direct mail written and proofed from start to finish to a tight deadline of less than two weeks.

A clear, defined process

The target audience was largely those with a personal connection to ovarian cancer, including those who have lost a loved one to the disease or are currently going through treatment.

This required a sensitive tone which was intimate, thanks and galavanises supporters with a connection to the story. It was also important to craft copy which would clearly demonstrate how their donations make a difference for women with ovarian cancer, saving lives and creating pathways to early diagnosis.

Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 14.06.50.png

Solution: a personal, emotive campaign

To appeal to the wide-ranging audience, I created a personal, emotive campaign using simple, accessible language. 


The mailing was divided into the following sections nestled with a donation form:

1. Handwritten letter from Cary, the charity's chief executive

2. Thank you insert with a celebration of key milestones achieved, and how this benefits the lives of women with ovarian cancer

3. How the charity will deliver on its mission in the future with additional funds, with quotes from women with lived experience

4. Strapline thanking supporters and compelling them to donate

Incredible results

This mailing contributed to a fantastic 57% increase in individual giving donations, when compared to a similar period in 2022!

Nick Wright, Head of Communications & Marketing at Ovarian Cancer Action, said:

"Thank you so much Laura for all of your help with this direct mail appeal at short notice"
"Laura produced fantastic copy, taking feedback brilliantly and she was reliable throughout"

This successful campaign resulted in an amazing relationship with this national charity over several months. I produced more copy for this charity to further boost donations, including fundraising emails and case studies.


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