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Charity copywriting portfolio


Social media copy


National Pro Bono Centre & Pro Bono Week

Project aims

Build engagement

and raise brand awareness


The National Pro Bono Centre wanted to increase engagement on their social media platforms, X (Twitter) and LinkedIn. 

They wanted to do this in the lead-up to an important calendar event they fund and support, Pro Bono Week UK 2023.

They wan


Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 18.41.34.png
Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 19.05.12.png


Laura Potter Communications proposed to target copy at a warmer audience - individuals and organisations who work or volunteer in the pro bono and access to justice sector.

Using a test and try approach, we experimented with new ideas to reach a colder audience - the wider legal sector such as individuals and law firms. We wanted to learn what worked well to inform our ongoing work together.


We drafted short, snappy copy with one or two emojis maximum and image descriptions for accessibility purposes.


We also created a set of core messages as part of a community engagement strategy. The charity shared these messages on social media on their chosen key posts from external organisations and individuals within the sector.

We experimented with new sector-specific hashtags at the end of social copy to reach both warmer and colder audiences.

What did we achieve? 


In just three months...

150% increase in LinkedIn page views

Over 100 new LinkedIn followers

80,000+ Twitter (X) impressions



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